White Paper – Emotional intelligence at work

Learn about the impact of emotional intelligence on sustainable performance.

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What they say

Working with the Langley Group has really helped us increase the leadership capability within our organisation, which is key to our ongoing success. What sets them apart from others in this space is their passion and knowledge of the subject, and the genuine nature of the relationships they form.
Edweena Stratton, Senior HR Director, Oracle
Working with the Langley Group has had a major impact on our organisation. They have helped us transform our culture. The changes have had direct results on our bottom line.
Simon Rountree, CEO, Camp Quality
The emotional intelligence training gave me the tools to survive in a global organisation in the long term. Everyone seems to show more care for each other and that brings higher levels of employee engagement, which translates to happy customers and greater business results at the other end.
Scott Nell, Senior Manager, Organisation Development & Talent, Schneider Electric
The Langley Group has had a massive impact on the people they trained. Communication with their colleagues and managers has certainly improved. It’s been a direct result of their better understanding about themselves and how others act and behave.
Tom Sangster, Business Effectiveness Manager, Zoetis
We have seen a new positivity and a new way of thinking from our people, which has been delightfully surprising.
Karen Twitchett, HR Director, Nuance Group

Our tools

Want to discover emotional intelligence, strengths and neuroscience of leadership abilities? Start here!


Unlock talent, performance and engagement by realising strengths.
With the next-generation strengths assessment and development tool.

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Predict, assess and develop emotional intelligence abilities.
With the original and only abilities-based emotional intelligence test.

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EQ-i 2.0

Measure and enhance emotional, social and wellbeing competencies.
The first scientifically validated EI measure now incorporates a wellbeing indicator.

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Genos EI

Improve leadership, sales, teamwork, customer service and success.
By identifying and developing critical emotional intelligence skills at work.

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i4 Neuroleader

Discover the core abilities that lead to success in the 21st century.
A new brain-based leadership framework and assessment tool.

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Help people improve with broad, balanced feedback.
Customised 180 or 360 feedback surveys for your leaders, organisation and team.

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