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Emotional Intelligence Worldwide is a leading provider of positive, scientific assessment tools and certification. We work with organisations around the world to discover and develop talent using emotional intelligence, strengths and brain-based assessment and development tools.

As experts in human performance, potential, engagement and wellbeing, we understand people and know how they work best. We select and provide the best tools currently available on the market underpinned by the latest research in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience. These include Realise2, the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT), EQi-2, Genos EI and i4 Neuroleader, a new tool designed to pinpoint the core brain and body abilities that have a direct impact on leadership effectiveness, productivity and engagement. Our leading experts are certified to train and accredit coaches, consultants, HR practitioners and business leaders to use these tools in their organisations and work. Their deep expertise and the exceptional quality of the solutions we provide have earned us long-term partnerships with our clients and an industry reputation as the consultants to consultants.

Founded in 2002 by Sue Langley as part of the Langley Group of companies, Emotional Intelligence Worldwide has been pioneering practice for over ten years. Based in Sydney, we provide assessment services, distribute and administer results and accredit professionals throughout Australia, Asia-Pacific and worldwide.

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Our positive scientific approach

Research in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience is changing the way we unlock talent, predict performance and get the best from people. We select and provide the best tools currently available on the market to assess and develop emotional intelligence, strengths and neuroleadership capabilities.

Emotional intelligence is a critical skill in business, underpinning people’s capacity to work well with others, manage stress and make effective decisions. What was once thought intangible determinants in success can today be accurately measured and developed.Read more
Everyone has strengths. Not everyone is clear what their strengths are and how to capitalise on them. Critically for organisations, neither are their managers or HR leaders. Realising strengths and the energy that fuels them is a clear and natural route to identifying talent and enhancing employee contribution, engagement and performance.Read more
Our understanding of the brain has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. We can now discover and develop the core ‘brain and body’ abilities that have a direct impact on leadership effectiveness, productivity, wellbeing and engagement.Read more
As leaders in emotional intelligence, strengths and neuroscience, we can help you understand and capitalise on these insights to achieve unprecedented results.

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