The greatest untapped asset in any organisation is its people. As experts in optimising human performance, engagement and wellbeing, we can help you understand and capitalise on people’s strengths and potential to achieve unprecedented results.

We can design and deliver flexible, scalable solutions to:

  • Identify and benchmark talent in organisations in line with business strategy and future growth
  • Recruit and onboard talented people for better hiring decisions, retention and job fit
  • Assess and develop individuals and teams to enhance leadership, performance, emotional intelligence, teamwork, culture, engagement and wellbeing
  • Train and advise HR, OD, hiring managers, business leaders and consultants to use assessment methodologies and tools and integrate them into their organisations and work.

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Talent assessment and development services

We are committed to supporting individuals, teams, organisations and consultants to implement and get the most from our powerful assessment and development tools. We offer:

  • Administration of psychometric assessments and custom surveys for individuals, coaches and organisations
  • High quality, development-focussed profiles and reports that deliver insights, assessment results and personalised development strategies
  • In-depth, high-value debriefs and coaching conversations with our qualified experts
  • Specific recommendations on how to manage and leverage individuals and teams
  • Deeper interpretation of results within the context of your organisation and objectives
  • Talent strategies that go beyond traditional 9-box models to realise talent and potential across the organisation
  • Employee evaluation and interview guidance including strengths-based interviewing techniques
  • Recruitment advice to attract the best candidates for organisational culture and role
  • Job crafting tactics to align roles to desired strengths and competencies and get the most from people
  • Performance management frameworks and support to enable HR, coaches and managers to leverage strengths in career conversations and appraisals
  • Sessions for larger groups to debrief assessments and kick-start individual and team development
  • Products to further develop people’s capabilities and bring learning to life such as workbooks and facilitation tools.

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